When I live my life on purpose the Universe supports me.

Why Donate? 

donate to astroartistry

This is why: 

If you've been helped or healed by your Astrology this is a way to pay that gift forward  to others seeking guidance and support.  I have free & sliding scale  sessions that I offer  through various organizations that help connect more underprivileged folks to the magical sciences.


I provide regular free content on my social media and blog  that are intended to support folks in their Self Study of Astrology. In my Magic Mooning content I focus mostly on the transits of the Moon with other big transit action thrown in as it comes up. Your donation helps support the creative process (i.e.; the roughly three hours each post takes to create, edit & post), making it possible  for me to continue offering this gift for free to all.


I love to offer astrology session donations to non-profit organizations and businesses hosting fundraisers.  I also donate items to efforts that support people and businesses during unexpected life events (like GoFundMe's and Kickstarters).  I donate a limited number of readings, chart art & memberships per year. Please contact me if you are procuring donations for your event and we can discuss the items that might be a fit for your needs.

This link allows you to  offer support one time, in any amount . It also offers the opportunity to offer reoccurring support. Each month I will do a raffle for each person who supports my WeRK. You will receive an email with all the details if you win.  If you have questions about any of this please contact me. I love you babes. Thanks for supporting my work.