Dianna Fontes. Artist


I am an Oregon Rain Baby. I've lived all over this state and I love this majestic place.

I am inspired by Curiosity, The Process, The Magic and All The Things (literally, all objects). My creative nature grew out of a childhood centered in making the most out of what you've got. My wild imagination and an uncanny knack for reuse have been mine since I was seven years old. I feel blessed to still have a tight grasp on both skill sets.I try my best to make art like that little girl did. So far, so good. 



Artist's Statement

I am an Artist.

My Werk is rooted in the Practice of Process. There is no wrong way to create.

I hope my art will make an Impact in the world.

I make art to validate my need to collect and worship objects. I also hate to waste, anything.

The question on my mind most often is, "What is Art?".

I am always trying to determine the answer; if there is an answer.

I love to collaborate and make commissioned work out of what's left over.

Sometimes I teach but really it's about me learning more. All day, every day: make something. 


Mixed Media

Digital Collage

Digital Drawing





Wire & Paper Sculpture


Print Making


Fibers & Textiles


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Learning

Portland Community College '95-97

Fine Art, Graphic Design


Portland Community College '01-03

Business Administration

Project Management


Portland School of Astrology '16-18

Two Year Program Graduate

Blue Iris Mystery School Student

'18- current


All The Other Things & Stuff

Woman. Wife. Mother. Friend.

Process Based Artist.

Astrologer. Earth Witch. Magic Maker.

Arts Education Advocate.

Social Justice Activist.

Volunteer. Set Painter. 

Star Guide. Community Organizer. 

Coach. Camp Counselor. Concierge.

Event Planner. Creative Collaborator 

Dance Machine. Plant Friend. Homebody. 

Rainmaker. Oregonian. Alien Descendant.

Water Bearer. Crab. Goat.

Color Coder. Cat Herder. Wire Bender.

Plastic Melter. Mess Maker. Glitter Sister

Found Object Lover.  Sculptor.

Animator. Writer. Star Student. MOBbie 

Communities & Peeps

Oregon Astrological Association


Mom Owned Business Alliance

Founding Member


2009 Siren Nation Festival.

Artist & Curator. Olympic Mills, PDX


2010 The Works Show.

Artist. The Old Church. PDX


2010 The Love Show.

Artist. Olympic Mills. PDX


2010 Rainy Day Wildfire.

Artist. Portland City Art. PDX


2010 Art HerStory.

Artist. Portland City Art. PDX


2010-12 First Friday.

Artist. 100th Monkey Studios. PDX


2011 The Big 200.

Artist. People’s Art of Portland. PDX


2012 On The Edge.

Artist. Launchpad Gallery. PDX

2019 HER ART

Curator, Artist. Cerimon House. PDX