These magical sessions are for kiddos and the adults who love them. 

We will look at each parents chart individually. We will look at each childs chart individually, focusing mainly on the planets most active for their age. We will then look at the Composite Chart of the relationship between the parent(s) can child(ren). 

This is so magical because it gives you a window into who your child really is and what they really need. Humans aren't meant to conform to the extreme level of group think that most cultures subscribe to. We had these behaviors in the past because we believed they would help us survive. Perhaps they did, then. But now we have new information and we may find life is sweeter and far less traumatic if we stop trying to squeeze everyone into the same sized box. Look into your child's potentials and see how you're best suited to meet them where they are. Learn about yourself and your childhood thru the chart as well. Armed with this information you can advocate for your kids while connecting with them in ways that are the most authentic for both of you. 

These readings can be for one parent one child OR they can be for entire families. They are already two hours long with just one parent/child involved so if you have a larger family OR you want to do sessions for each child it may be best to break it up into several sessions. If you're not sure what the best option is for you please reach out and we can find a way to structure it for your family. 

Please Note: I will not read charts of adults, even your 18+ year old children, without their consent. Please don't sign your spouse up without telling them. If they are not present I will not give you information about their charts. If you have questions about this please let me know.


session includes: 180 minutes of astrology including reviewing your chart, the chart of your business & a unique chart of the energy between you & your business. You'll also get a recording of the audio/video, digital & hard copy of your Astrosketch, glyph keys & seasonal bonus materials & werksheets.