Natal Chart Art

I draw every chart I read. The client gets to watch their chart come to life in color, texture & motion during every session. The AstroSketches are made with Prismacolors and Ink on paper. Clients always get a digital copy of their Chart Art. They can also upgrade their session and have the original sketch mailed to them. 

Clients can also upgrade their session to get AstroSketch Fine Art. This is a drawing of the chart, similar to the AstroSketch Original but on 8" x 8" fine art paper. These don't include transits as the originals do. Clients can order these without astrology readings too. I've sold many as gifts for birthdays but also as charts of weddings, special events, and businesses. 

I also create Natal Chart Art Pieces & Commissions that are unique to each chart and individual. These are all different where the AstroSketches have my similar style these pieces are much more intricate and individual. These can also be ordered without an Astrology Reading. I have done many of these for relationship charts and they are super magical for couples. Lots of wedding charts have been gifted and I always get the cutest messages from the couples about what I notice in the charts. 

Why Natal Chart Art? 

When I was in Astrology School it was art that elevated me to a place of understanding that I was missing in the twenty years I spent reading books and watching videos. I am an artist and I need a mixture of visuals AND text to fully understand complex topics. For my first-year case study I decided to see how I could use art to better understand AND explain astrology to potential clients. Here is a (hilariously bad) video about the process...if you have 11 minutes to waste, lol. In the end I discovered that these are helpful in the process BUT they are also Astrology Readings in their own right. I have created over 225 of these Natal Chart Art commission pieces since. 

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AstroSketch of a Natal Chart