During this a unique, two hour session we will look at the chart of the business, the chart of the owner(s) and the powerful relationship between all the energies involved. You will need the Birth Data for all parties, including the Business. (Birth Data: Date, Time & Location). If you don't know this info please reach out to me before you book and I can help you decide biz info and to rectify birth times).

This session geared towards Small Businesses with less than two official owners. If you want to explore this offering with a business with more than two owners please contact me before booking. 

An Abundant Business Astrology Session is a qualified business expense. I have been a Business Consultant, Bookkeeper, Operations Manager, Event Coordinator, Concierge, Restaurant Manager AND a Small Business Manager for 20 years collectively. Reach out to your tax professional about how you can write off my coaching sessions. 

You can always reach out to me if you have any questions. I look forward to WeRKing with you soon! 

session includes: 180 minutes of astrology including reviewing your chart, the chart of your business & a unique chart of the energy between you & your business. You'll also get a recording of the audio/video, digital & hard copy of your Astrosketch, glyph keys & seasonal bonus materials & werksheets. 

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Designed for Small Businesses & Creatives, this is a one-of-a-kind session that I invented in 2017when I was in Astrology School. I've spent the last few years polishing this process with over fifty small business clients. I know one thing for sure: it's pure magic for making the most important business decisions. It also helps with branding, marketing & forecasting sales.