I am so white.

Hello Babe! I am so glad you've found me & I hope we get to WeRK together. Before we begin our journey I want to be certain you know this about me: I am a privileged cis-gendered, bisexual white woman who is married to a cis-gendered white man with two white adult children.


I see my own racism now & I am ready to spend the rest of my life unpacking my whiteness & making reparations for the mistakes I've made AND for the mistakes my ancestors made. I am listening, learning & working to become an antiracist human who shows up in this world with both words AND actions.


This is not a gentle, fun, or easy process but it's also not optional. I speak loudly about racism, gender, sexism, classism & the destruction of Capitalism in ALL of my WeRK. I know everyone is not ready for processing all of that so if you don't feel like you're ready we're not a good fit & you should find another place to learn about Astrology, Art & Magic. I won't be quiet or nice or patient any longer; this is an uncomfortable time & the Astrology informs us that's the REAL WeRK of NOW. It's time to change in drastic ways.


Learning about your own natal chart can show you where your ism's are and how you can change and grow to make the world better BUT if you're not ready to face the shadow & the shit then please don't waste either of our energies.


I would love to WeRK with you but I also have a LONG list of powerful & gifted BIPOC practitioners to recommend in my place | CLICK HERE FOR LIST | please consider supporting these practitioners to gain new insights into your natal chart AND the world. If you have any questions, please reach out. 


Much Love and Shadow Gold Blessings!


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