Why Would We Have A Play Date? 

Good question! I'm finally planting the seed for the dream collective I'd like to create; a rad creative, magical, healing, creative, learning, and teaching community called The Whole Habitude. I also have a Process Based Art Project always creating called, The Impact Me Project. I am an professional Artist, practicing Astrologer and perpetual Advocate. I have been a business coach, community builder, rain maker and event organizer for over 18 years. I love to collaborate and create magic with others but I took a break from this in 2015 to focus on my art practice and my astrology studies. That has been amazing but I haven't been connecting much lately and I think that's why I feel a bit lost. 

I've recently been called by the Universe to use my skills to create a positive impact on the world around me in new & unique ways, too many to list. I would love to sit down with you to discuss your current projects and ideas to see if we can collaborate and/or create together! 

There really is no pressure for your intentions to align with mine, I'd sincerely like to hear what you're passions are. I hope we can work together but even if it doesn't seem like our projects fit I LOVE connecting people together and chances are, if we end up meeting, it's for a good reason and I may just know the person you're looking for! (That's kinda one of my super powers actually!). My Unique Life Purpose is: Through the Practice of Process I Create Space for Magic. I am so glad you were called to connect with me to share your talents, visions, ideas and projects with me. I look forward to meeting you soon. 

If you feel called to connect it's as simple as scheduling a time and date today! Please bring along any information you feel is helpful to our connection.


If you need to cancel or reschedule our meeting please do so by using the button in the confirmation email. I honor your time and I know you honor mine so please be mindful of cancellations or rescheduling with less than a 4 hour window. These meetings are free but our energy exchange never is. If you have any trouble finding or accessing the building please call 503-446-4460. Once you arrive for your appointment, please use the call box to buzz my office, I can open the door for you via the call box. Once inside please have a seat in the Lobby area and I will come down to meet you. 

If you have additional questions or needs, please reach out. 

Blessing and Light,