WTF is A Timelord?! | Annual Profections

Annual Profections are an ancient technique that offers us several valuable tools. 

We can use them to prioritize which planetary transits may have the biggest impact on us in our personal annual cycle. 

We can see what area of our life may be activated, offering us an opportunity to do big WeRK there with the support of this technique. 

We can learn more about our Natal Chart AND about these parts of Astrology in general. 

Let's get started by finding YOUR current info: 

Step One: How Old Are You Today?

Annual Profections are a very personal technique because they are rooted in YOUR annual cycle NOT the calendar year. You move from one Profection to another on YOUR birthday (or some use the Solar Return Chart Date). 

Step Two: Find Your Age on The Wheet Above

Look at the wheel graphic above and trace around until you find your age today. Let's say for example you are 32 today. When you find 32 on the wheel look at the corresponding number in the center of the wheel. In our example this is a Ninth House year for you. 

Step Three: What's Up In This House? 

Now that you know what House number is activated for you spend a minute learning the keywords for this House. This part of your life will be extra sensitive and active while you are 32. Think about what needs tending here and what goals you have. What WeRK do you want to do here until you next birthday comes? 

Step Four: What Sign Is Holding This House For Your? 

Now that you know what area of life is activated consider which Sign is holding this House's energy in YOUR chart. What Sign is connected to your 9th House at 32? Think about how this Sign operates & moves. What does it need? Take time to learn more about this Sign as your move thru this annual cycle and you'll have a deep understanding of it's energy forever. Yay! Astro101 lessons IRL.  

Step Five: What Planet Rules This Sign

Now that you know what Sign is activated for you take time to find out what Planet rules this Sign. This Planet will be your Timelord for this annual cycle. Take time to learn more about this Planet. What does it do? How does it WeRK? Where does it struggle? Where is the Planet located in your chart? Take time to learn about what it means to have this Planet in this Sign in this House... yay, more Astro101 AND you're also learning a shit ton about your natal chart too! 

Step Six: What Transits Will Have The Biggst Impact for You in This Annual Cycle? 

Now that you know what area of life (House) is activated, what Sign is heightened, and what Planet is doing big WeRK you can prioritize all the transits that happen over the course of an annual cycle. Rather than looking at EVERY transit every damn day you'll only have to track the transits of your Chart Ruler (learn more about this when you check out the Rulerships post) and the transits to, from, and of your Timelord. 

Want more support with this technique? 

Book a You're Profected Reading. These are great just before your next birthday but can be scheduled anytime. 

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