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As an Astrologer I offer several different kinds of sessions both online and in person.


My Astrology Readings always include an AstroSketch which is basically a colorful sketch of the energies I see in your chart. I draw directly on the Natal Chart to help me interpret it. Every online reading comes with an audio/visual recording via Zoom Chat.  I always send a copy of the AstroSketch and a Glyph key via email after every reading. In person readings CAN come with a recording but I can depend on what kind of technology the location we select permits. I recommend online readings because of the recording options but I do offer in person sessions upon request. 

An Intuitive Reading utilizes magic to draw down the information the Universe wants you to know. I use a combination of divination, my own psychic abilities & the current transits to offer you information. 

A forecast reading is going to be more specific to a question you have. It can be more focused on events or dates upcoming in your life. Both readings will cover points in your natal chart AND the current transits. 

If you're seeking a reading for your business OR for a young person in your life these are more specific and are neither an Intuitive Reading or a Forecast reading, but their  own type of session. 

I also make Natal Chart Art. This is another form of chart interpretation. I illustrate the energies I see in your chart. Every piece is as unique and individual as you are. I create Natal Chart Art for people, events, businesses and special days. They are always different. I often used Mixed Media and typically these charts are created on a standard square piece of fine quality art paper. However, sometimes I am called to create something else as well. This IS an Astrology Reading also.

Natal Chart Art can be ordered alone or in a package with a more traditional, verbal reading. Regardless of what type of Natal Chart Art you order will we will need to have at least a 15 minute phone or video chat to discuss the details.  You can always order an Astrology Reading without the Natal Chart Art also. 


Please consider selecting a FREE 15 minute AstroIntro Consult before you purchase any session; especially if you're still feeling confused or overwhelmed.  This chat is a quick way to learn more about my services & it can help you select the best service for your needs at this time. 

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