i am an artist.

i make magical things when the moon is in certain astrological signs & phases.

i paint, draw, collage, sew, stitch, tie, sculpt, burn, reclaim, upcycle, glue, adorn, build, cut, destroy, edit, digitize, & mix media together to say the shit that my words can't quite get to alone.
all the art you see here is created by me unless otherwise noted.
i make art for the living & the dead. i illustrate stories but also intentions, divinations & memories.
i make art for special occasions & all occasions; mundane art is powerful.
i make art on demand, in collaboration, & for sale. i make art to heal. if you want to see my art...go here. if you want to buy what i have already made... go here. if you want to commission or collaborate with me on art...go here.

my art is not a substitution or a safer alternative to access me than my astrological or magical practices are. many say they are too scared for those offerings but will take my art instead. no thanks.

be advised: my art is my most magical Magical tool. my art is a spell cast with the intention to reveal & heal. anything & everything you see here is made by a star witch, a shadowwerker, a willing outcast.
i am an artist, an astrologer & a damn fine witch. welcome to my creative realm.

let's get to werk. 


i love to make messes & i never waste a drop of anything. my mixed media pieces are layers upon layers upon layers of paint, ink, salt, paper, wax, oil, laquer, collage, pencil & anything else I can find. i make this art like I am a emotional and sensitive little girl. 


i make these blocks out of upcycled pieces of wood dipped in the messes that are part of the serendipity process used to make my fine & mixed media pieces 


i love teaching sewing to kiddos becuase deep inside i am just a kid. i use upcycled fabrics to create creatures like this one, a pocket troll who has a pocket on his butt for hidden treasures, lost teeth, & fairy naps.  


i find & collect all the little bobbles, bits, & beauties that have lost their way so i can gather & reconnect them into new pieces of art/jewelry & joy. my favorite thing to do is to revision old pieces of jewelry into new expressions of magic. 


shrinkable plastic jewelry. i mean, what else is there to say but wow! these are so fucking fun to make. i make custom shrinkie jewelry with astro themes but during the venus ruled moons (Libra & Taurus) and sometimes during the Leo Moon too- cuz it's Leo.  


in the spirit of never letting anyting go to waste i make books from left over pieces of paper. i also make envelopes, gift wrap, gift boxes, cards, bookmarks & whatever the paper wants to be. 


in the spirit of never letting anyting go to waste i also make these pouches, book covers, gift bags & witch shit out of serendipity fabrics.

i also crochet like a fool. it's my mental health care so I make bags, pouches & more from these crafty moments too!