i am the sum of my parts.

i can be confusing.

i know that now, and, after much self discovery work via my

own Astrology & Process Based Art Practice, i understand why.


you are not reading any of this by accident.

but you may be confused about what i do

or how you can utilize my offerings.

that's a pretty normal response to 'me'

i made this site to catch all the questions.

to help you connect to all the things that i do.

there are many words here.

try to stay with me while i attempt to explain 'me' to you.

on this website you can:

+ buy art

+ schedule astrology readings 

+ commission natal chart art.

+ collaborate with me on community, collaborative & social justice projects.

if you're ready to grab one of these options, great! 

click the right words above and it's go time.

still need more words? that's cool. 



if this doesn't help you understand

why you're here ...

here's the 'main thing' to know

i have ideas & energy that needs to keep moving.

all. the. time.

i've tried to explain it all, to capture it, to do the

"standard biz model marketing thang" 

but i admit that it's really hard to come up with a tidy description of "me". 

i am the sum of my parts 

all i can say for sure is:

through the practice of process

i create space for magic.

i am an artist.

i am an astrologer.

i am an advocate.

i am a collaborator.

i am a magic maker.

I am a witch.

i am here.

if you feel compelled to contact me or to work with me then that is what matters.

click here to contact me and let's figure out what to do next.

if you're still feeling lost in this digital space: 

that's ok. maybe it's not the right time for us to meet.

please know that it never hurts to simply ask questions.

i am ready when you are.

reach out.

ok, "about page" check. website made, done, complete.

time to get back to werk. 

looking forward to meeting you soon. 

Proud Member of the

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