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What is Astrology?  Astrology is all the things. It is literally in everything. It connects through correspondences, language, flowers, planets and even cat memes. Astrology is present everywhere. It is a catalog of descriptions for the human condition. It is a scientific process based in thousands of years of research. Astrology is NOT a belief system, religion or fortune-telling - even when it's spiritual, magical and predictive - it is always directed by our free will.  I strongly resist trying to convince anyone of it's value or validity. If that's what you're seeking, you've come to the wrong place. Luckily we have the World Wide Web now and you can begin your studies there anytime you wish. OR if you're really interested in learning more about Astrology as a scientific practice based in facts you can always check out my list of AstroResources here.

Why Astrology? If you've been called to learn more about your personal Astrology I am here to be a guide, a translator, and a map reader. What you do with this knowledge will vary for each person. Most often clients want help answering tough personal questions or finding guidance on how to do better at life. The specifics depend on the person. Help with healing, relating, working, parenting and even medical issues are common questions. Astrology is good for planning and forecasting for the future. It isn't fortune-telling or a made up science but if you're looking for proof of something and you're a scientific method kinda person this might not be a modality that's helpful for you. It requires the client to participate and to act, it requires curiosity and a willingness to explore the depths. It asks questions and always (ALWAYS) leaves the individual with their free will to respond. Astrology is deeply intricate and unique to each individual. My personal focus is always in remediation (remedy, healing, and highest potential of an energy). I want to help you find ways of changing the energies you do not enjoy, either in your natal chart or from current transits. I am also a witch and I practice Earth Magic with the intention of healing, growing, laughing and playing. AstroArtistry is the alchemy of my natal talents; it invites in my work as an astrologer, a witch and as a process based artist and it ties everything together with a really big, sparkly ribbon and bow.

Who is the Astrologer? I have always been interested in Astrology, Magic, Science and Art. I have always been interested in the Human Condition and Spirituality. Astrology has been an interest and a hobby since I was a tween girl. It became my true passion and purpose in 2016 when I became a student at Portland School of Astrology. It is there that I discovered my potential to merge my Process Based Art Practice with Astrology, developing a unique, new form of reading charts. You can read my Artist's Bio here too.

What will a session be like? I have so many Astrology offerings it's impossible to generalize what your session may be like. You can check out my list of offerings here to see all the options. You can also go here to learn more about the process I use readings. It is important to note that I use Whole Sign House System to interpret a clients natal chart, upcoming transits and future potentials. 

Why Natal Chart Art? My Natal Chart Art is actually an additional type of Astrology Reading on it's own. It is a drawing of the energies in your individual chart. Every piece of art is completely unique and individual, just like you! The process of drawing Astrology, for me, was the true gateway to understanding Astrology as a whole practice. Traditionally there are a lot of words and symbols associated with Astrology. For me the colors, lines, textures and shapes bring that tradition forward into another way of seeing Astrology in action. You can add Natal Chart Art on to an Astrology Reading or order it on it's own. 

I love questions. Please contact me if you have any questions that have not been answered here. 

I look forward to working with you soon. 

xo. d

Astrology Chart Schematic from a Computer. 

AstroSketch I created during all sessions

Natal Chart Art Draft Piece

Natal Chart Art Draft Piece

Natal Chart Art Draft Completed

Natal Chart Art Draft Completed

Natal Chart Art Draft Completed

Natal Chart Art Draft Completed

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